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About Me

Why I Started EconplusDal

When I was studying Economics at school and at University, I often wondered why there were never any recordings of class or lecture content. Revision and grasping key concepts was at times difficult; it was hard to stay ahead of the game. This was the start of EconplusDal, realising the opportunity to fill that void by making Economics tutorial videos covering all content, suitable for students all around the world regardless of the course being studied. I also post videos to best guide exam technique, write books and offer personal services to aid revision for those all important exams all for the benefit of students; enjoy!


Quite simply, I love Economics! I am an out and out Economist seeing the practical use of Economics in all that I do. My passion for Economics started when I myself was an Economics student at school. I realised very quickly how the subject is the heartbeat of daily life, understanding the significance of choice, price and individual well being, concepts so deep but beautifully and logically explained using simple economic theory. It was a natural decision to continue my study at University completing a BSc in Economics before I rejected the traditional city career path to enter the the world of education, my real joy. Now I intend for as many students as possible all around the world to develop a love for Economics and achieve the highest possible marks in their final exams.

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